Global Health Informatics

Current Projects

OpenMRS and OpenELIS FHIR Squad

2019 - Present
Working with the communities of practice for OpenMRS and OpenELIS, this project established a squad across the communities to build the FHIR-based interoperability between OpenMRS and OpenELIS global goods. As part of this and in collaboration with the OpenHIE LIS CoP, we are spearheading the LIS-EMR interoperability IHE standard and OpenHIE architectural pattern with publication of the FHIR profiles and implementation guide.

iSantePlus EMR, SEDISH Architecture, and HIE in Haiti

2019 - Present
Modernization of the Haiti HIS and eHealth architecture, including the updating of iSante into iSantePlus on the OpenMRS platform, implementing FHIR-based exchanges, and FHIR-first systems such as the Consolidated National Data Repository and the Shared Health Record.

OpenMRS Quality Assurance (QA) Program

2019 - Present
Establishment of a Software Quality Assurance team and program within the OpenMRS community, including the setting of quality standards, processes, and implementation. As part of this project, we established automated testing frameworks and tools, developed a foundational set of automated tests, and piloted the new QA processes with the community and implementers. In addition, development of a QA model for other digital health global goods communities of practice to utilize.

OpenMRS Community Support

2018 - Present
Management of the OpenMRS community strategy, operations, and governance functions. Includes secondment of the Director of Community for OpenMRS that oversees the daily community functions at large. OpenMRS has been endorsed as a digital health global good.

OpenHIE Laboratory Information Systems Community of Practice

2018 - Present
Establishment and leadership of an OpenHIE community of practice to focus on laboratory information systems, laboratory data architectural exchange patterns, and laboratory informatics implementation best practices. This community of practice is endorsed as an international digital health global goods.

OpenELIS Global

2009 - Present
Developed a global health specific comprehensive, advanced open Source Lab Information System implemented in Haiti, Cote d’Ivoire, and Vietnam; and adopted by the Bahmni HMIS software as part of their multi-country implementations. Continue to be involved in developing advanced features, including the modernization of the interoperability API into a HAPI FHIR-based exchange.

OpenMRS PEPFAR Community of Practice

2019 - Present
Management and advising of the USG PEPFAR (CDC) goals of coordinating and optimizing OpenMRS and other HIS/LIS development efforts across countries through collaboration and leveraging of the larger OpenMRS community.

Vecna Cares and Red Cross EMR

2019 - Present
Development of a Red Cross-specific distribution of the open source OpenMRS medical record system for use in acute and trauma care globally.

iSante EMR and HIE in Haiti

2008 - Present
A web-based, open source, electronic medical record originally developed for HIV care and extended to primary care and maternal and child health, and deployed broadly in over 110 government health facilities in Haiti. Our team is now supporting the development of a migration to the current iSantePlus EMR, an OpenMRS based platform, and the modernization of the iSante consolidated server to a FHIR-first set of fit for purpose tooling.

Past Projects

Mental Health in Mozambique

2018 - 2019
Development of mental health care and treatment module for HIV clinics, including analysis of the mental health cascade and decision support for both clinical and programmatic monitoring and management.

eSaude EMR in Mozambique

2013 - 2018
Supporting the eSaude community in Mozambique in developing and implementing a Mozambican specific configuration of the OpenMRS EMR software and its integration into a national eHealth architecture.

Kenya Health Informatics

2009 - 2013
Wide-spread EMR implementation and extending interoperability using open source tools with other HIS components, including the Basic Laboratory Information System (BLIS), within the national eHealth Architecture.

KenyaEMR: OpenMRS in Kenya

2009 - 2013
Development of a Kenya-specific distribution of the open source OpenMRS medical record for use in a widespread Kenya Ministry of Health national implementation.

OpenELIS in Haiti

2009 - 2013
Development and implementation of a Haiti-specific version of OpenELIS Global, including the standards-based exchange of HL7 LIS-EMR data for electronic orders and resulting.